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Friday, June 05, 2009


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Account Deleted

Hi Gloria! My name is Robert Stockham. I met you at the Archwood Street Fair. I have subscribed to your blog and am adding it to my site. Check it out at www.greatlakesgreenpages.com

The plantings at the church look great!

Brooklyn Cenre Naturlists


Thanks for connecting with us. We will add your "Great Lakes Green Pages to our sidebar. Good Stuff!


Tom Pukelnick

I am trying to start a Facebook page with pictures of butterflies and moths in Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre. Would anyone be interested putting pictures into it?

Tom Pukelnick

I noticed that at your work day you pulled out all of the thistles. The Canadian thistles are a nuisance but the larger thistles are a great plant for butterflies in the summer and goldfinches in fall.
I always leave a few in out of the way places.

Great Work Day at the West 39th Street Garden

Two Case Western Reserve students joined five Brooklyn Centre Naturalists today to pick up trash, cut down Japanese Knotweed, prune plants, rake leaves and much, much more.

I have a friend who says that the people who show up are the right people, when it’s over it’s over and what happened is the right thing.

Well, today was the test of all that and more. Our work crew cleaned the trash in the alley behind the garden, cleaned out the storm drains, pulled baby thistles until there were no more, set two large rocks at the alley entrance to the garden and ran out of work before the set finish time.

While we worked, we listened to the birds chirping, singing and scolding. Many of them were unhappy that we had invaded their native habitat. One young lady uncovered colony after colony of pill bugs and other insects still burrowed in the soil to defend themselves against the cold.

When we turned around to survey our work before departing, we saw American Robins searching the disturbed soil for worms, we heard cardinals singing back and forth to each other and a downy woodpecker pecking at a tree eating insects for lunch. But more than anything, the smell of good, rich soil exemplifies how this former junk filled lot has become a beautiful garden and sanctuary for the Brooklyn Centre community.

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