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Saturday, November 13, 2010


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Gloria Ferris

Okay when I wrote this post I knew that I wanted to thank Dave and his crew of two who really chopped and hacked at those contrary weeds choking the shrubs by Convenient. The other "thank you" I needed to remember was "The Ugly Broad's owner, Sherry Perry and her bartender Scotty who welcomed our workers with their usual hospitality and allowed us to use their establishment to feed our troops.

What a day it was in the neighborhood. And Gino, every work crew needs a 30 minute lunch break id they are going to keep on working in the afternoon. Our workers were so energized by their lunches that they finished an hour early.!

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I also Love gardening very much. This kind of memorable days encourage me a lot.

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were can i find some photos of the Community Orchard?

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