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Sunday, September 23, 2012


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Gift Certificate clarification. The idea was to offer the purchase of a $20 gift certificate that someone could buy for a person in the 44109 area which is where backyard retreats count toward certifiction of our wildlife community.

someone in area or outside 44109 would buy a gift certificate for $20 from Brooklyn Centre Naturalists.

The person in 44109 receiving the gift certificate would certify their back yard through BCN.

A thank you to giver and recipient when backyard is certified.

One more backyard retreat that would count towards certification.

People who have certified backyards in and out of 44109.

family, friends, and neighbors who have all the elements of a certified backyard but have not certified their yard.

BCN has one more backyard retreat to use toward NWF Community status

unique gift for the wildlife gardener on your Holiday or birthday list.

We would handle mayment through pay pal or direct to BCN.

Have I missed anything?

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